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How Close Are We To A Single Computing Device?

My iPhone is a computer. And it’s almost powerful enough to be my only computer. But when I’m at my desk, I want the rich interface, multi-window interaction, and file system of Mac OS X. Mac OS X could, in the near future, run on my iPhone. Imagine this: I’m using my iPhone as usual. […]

iMessage Should Have a Dead Battery Auto-Responder

Traditional SMS is a peer-to-peer system across multiple networks. Apple’s iMessage is a centralized system with a single network. This gives Apple the opportunity to do some interesting things, such as deliver read receipts, show typing status, and send high quality images over “text” messages. But it shouldn’t stop there. Apple has the opportunity to […]

The iPad

I’m upset about the name, “iPad”. I’ve got a lot of other thoughts regarding the product, but this is what particularly gets me right now. Sure, there are all the jokes out there, but that’s not what really bothers me. I think it has a terrible ring to it. 1. I’m not a huge fan […]

Chrome for Mac: The Experience is in the Details

Don’t get me wrong. I love Chrome for Mac. The simplicity, the screen real estate, the speed – it is my current browser of choice. Throughout the development of this site, I preferred to evaluate it aesthetically through the frameless monocle of Chrome. But something doesn’t feel right. Google missed something. It’s not just that […]

Andrew Maier on Long-tail User Experience

Maier nails it: Good user experience isn’t something that can’t be “bolted on” after a website or application has been built. It needs to live within the application’s development process, and breathe in every interaction a user has thereafter. He makes some great points about considering the user experience at initial exposure, continued use, and […]

On Twitter’s “Listed” As A Popularity Metric

Everyone’s looking for a good metric on defining the breadth of your influence on Twitter. Sure, you could just look at the number of retweets or favorites, or you could look at MG Siegler’s “Golden Ratio” discussed a few months back, but what if you really want to know where you stand on the pulse of […]

Customer Experience: An Ecosystem

A product is designed with the customer in mind. From the user interface to customer support, the user’s interests are paramount. The user’s experience with a product is a life cycle. It begins with their initial exposure to the product that they do not yet own. It continues through their purchase, ownership, discussion with others, […]